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In the Winter of 2017/18, I was approached by an older Tufts Alumnus about building a system for their startup. This startup was founded after a new law in Massachusetts permitted residents to grow up to 6 cannabis plants (max 12 per home) and the business was to grow customers plants for them in their homes. A 'gardener' would come, plant the seeds, and then be responsible for keeping the plant healthy and turning it into a maximum 10oz of cannabis (the amount legal to have in one home.)

The problem was that having a gardener visit constantly was a major cost to the business. Therefore, in order to prove that the business could scale, I was tasked with building a system to monitor, water, and plan visits for the plant remotely. I would be working remotely from Tufts and was to recruit and manage two other developers that I brought in from Tufts.

The Architecture

The whole project was built on Amazon, a request/requirement from the owner that we have everything on the same platform. Also Amazon IoT is pretty easy to use.

Here, I have drawn an overview of the architecture.

HomeGrow community architecture

If you'd like to know more about the project, see code samples, etc - drop me a line.

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