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BarBud is a mobile platform that allows you to order and pay for your drinks. Skip the bar crowd and get back to having fun.

Place your orders without having to fight your way through the busy bar. Pay for your drink and even tip with your credit/debit card without having to wrangle in the bartender's attention! When your drink is ready, receive a notification to pick up your order. Show your bartender your notification and get back to having fun.

Jump the line. Avoid the hassle. BarBud is your buddy at the bar, and everyone could use a bud.

Architecture and work

I built the MVP of the app along with two other guys from Tufts. Toby Glover owned the React Native app, John Westwig owned the backend and API, and I owned the bartender experience/the Point-of-sale app. Customers would order on the phone app and the order would show up on the POS system for the bartender to fulfil the order. For the POS app I used ReactJS, Redux, and CSS grids. A web app allowed seamless updates and a reliable testing experience.

Entering a startup competition, the Tufts University 100k competition, we earned 3rd place.

The app was eventually discontinued after the founders were unable to get a strong market foothold. We were paid for our time.


The POS system I build (target platform: Chrome on IPad) Dashboard Login Login2 Menus POS main view (no orders) Settings

Here's a link to some archived content from the app store

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